Language Translator


The app is the ultimate language translator app that breaks down communication barriers effortlessly! Whether traveling abroad, conducting business internationally, or simply engaging with friends from diverse linguistic backgrounds, Translator is your go-to companion for seamless language translation.

Quick Features:

  1. Languages: Choose the source and target languages for translation. You may also search the language by language name or country name.
  2. Voice Input: You can also speak and translate the spoken text into the desired language.
  3. Image Input: You can input the image from Camera or Gallery to extract text (currently supports English only) from that image to translate it into the desired language.
  4. Speak Text: The app supports the Text-To-Speech feature, allowing you to listen to the translation or the text you enter to translate.
  5. Paste From Clipboard: You may use the Paste button to paste the content from your clipboard to quickly translate that text to the desired language.
  6. Copy Text: You can easily copy the text you entered to translate or translated text.
  7. Share Text: You can easily share the text you entered to translate or translated text.
  8. Translation History: The app has a built-in translation history. So you can easily find any past translations.
  9. Favorite Translations: The app can add any translation to your favorite. So you can find and manage later.
  10. Chat: Translation in the form of Chat by typing and voice
  11. ASL: Translate any language to ASL (American Sign Language)
  12. Dictionary: A complete English Dictionary.
Atif Pervaiz
Atif Pervaiz I'm Android & iOS Application developer & Graphics Designer. Learning & delivering knowledge by making it easier to understand others is my hobby & passion.

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